group classes

View ScheduleOur instructors at Reform have always taken a unique approach to Pilates and believe that it is the ultimate cross-training program. Variety puts you into a new state of mind and constantly challenges your body, so we customize each and every session. Our classes are fun, and we work to cultivate a relationship with each person who walks through our door. We want you long, lean, strong, injury-free, and stress-free, so come share your goals with us and we will help you meet them.

– Prior to taking a class at Reform, you must complete a New Client Form. This is available for download or can be filled out at the studio prior to class. Please arrive 10 minutes early.

– All fusion classes do not require previous pilates experience.

– Our Intro Special is available for all new clients (3 private sessions for $150). This is a comprehensive introduction to Pilates and is required for participation in all Pilates equipment classes without prior experience. Most clients are typically ready to join a beginner class after three sessions, given instructor approval.


$30 – 1 class Class Cards   $140/5     $250/10     $480/20
Everyone loves equipment! Come play on ours and get your strength on. Find your fit with traditional flow or a more modern approach to Pilates. Either way, you will get personalized attention in a small group setting. Includes Reformer, Chair, and Tower Units (4 maximum).

Reformer Jump

$30 – 1 class Class Cards   $140/5   $250/10   $480/20
An energizing and calorie burning Pilates class on the reformer while incorporating the cardio benefits of the jump-board ( 4 maximum).


$18 – 1 class Class Cards   $90/5     $150/10     $280/20
The other half of Pilates…work just as hard on this type of equipment with the added benefit of stabilizing your body weight against gravity. Classes remain small and use a variety of props in addition to the Tower units. Includes Tower Units and accessories (6 maximum).

Cardio Fusion*

$22 – 1 class Class Cards   $100/5     $200/10     $360/20
Not your average workout. Do you want to sweat, shake, and push your workout to a whole new level? Cardio Barre is an interval-based class that works you head to toe, carving muscle, building strength and flexibility, focusing your mind, and giving you defined abs. Isometric exercises are used to build muscle tone quickly in those areas that tend to drop as we age: glutes, thighs, hamstrings, arms, and abs. (6 maximum)

TRX® Pilates*

$22 – 1 class Class Cards   $100/5     $200/10     $360/20
Pilates pumped up. Our TRX classes are a challenging way to strengthen your entire body with your abs engaged throughout for stability. Combine Pilates-based strengthening on the TRX straps with a shot of cardio to get your heart rate up. Prepare to Sweat! Socks with grips suggested for all TRX classes. Crescent Moon Socks ($10) and ToeSox ($15) are available for purchase.

* Denotes classes that do not require Pilates experience.