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Aimee Smith

Aimee is certified through Peak Pilates and focuses on classical flow mixed with other techniques. Her interest is on precision of movement and re-patterning of the body for efficiency of movement and reduced pain and injury. She enjoys teaching clients new to Pilates as well as the more seasoned.


Amy Graves

Amy is certified through Pilates Sports Center. She discovered Pilates years ago as part of her rehabilitation from a back and hip injury. After practicing the Pilates method for several years Amy realized how much it had to offer the overall health of body and mind, and wanted to share this with others. She is so grateful to be a part of her clients journey towards wellness. Amy enjoys biking, hiking and yoga in addition to Pilates.


Cara Copeland

Cara is certified through the Pilates Center of Austin and danced professionally with the New York City Ballet. She likes to work with clients of all abilities, especially those interested in the benefits of moving mindfully, minimizing impact on their joints, and using Pilates to compliment other forms of exercise. She is particularly interested in exploring the mind-body connection inherent to Pilates and in how Pilates equipment supports the body during stretching.

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Christi Lane

Christi Lane was certified in 1999 and began training dancers at Ballet Austin. In 2001 she opened the Pilates Studio, Pilates Elite, in Houston, Texas where she enjoyed teaching anatomy and workshops to other Pilates instructors. Longing to be back in Austin, Christi sold her studio to one of her students in 2007 and started teaching at Reform Pilates. Her methods of teaching span the realm of modern and traditional and she loves to create new exercises to suit the needs of her clients. She puts emphasis on a challenging and dynamic customized workout to meet needs and expectations of the individual.


Errin Delperdang

Errin Delperdang is classically trained through Peak Pilates and comes from a modern dance background. In training she focuses on postural alignment, balance and spinal lengthening. She enjoys working with a wide range of clientele, from those looking to maximize their movement potential to those just starting their journey toward a stronger, longer body. Errin employs a number of techniques in her teaching including an emphasis on breath, movement facilitation through imagery and manual cueing. In addition to teaching Pilates, Errin teaches DanceAbility to groups of mixed ability movers, choreographs dances, and performs with a number of Austin independent choreographers.

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Heather Quiring

Heather began her Pilates training after a dance injury over 10 years ago. She received her certification through Core Dynamics and the PMA, then continued her training with Wendy LeBlanc Arbuckle, a master Pilates teacher. Heather is now a  professional dancer and uses Pilates to transform her body in dance! She offers a completely strengthening and challenging workout and the knowledge to take any person's body and have them reach their potential regardless of any roadblocks! She will be your coach and your personal cheerleader!


Kara Kopecky

Kara is certified through Body Arts & Science International (Pilates), National Academy of Sports Medicine (personal training), and The Bar Method. She incorporates elements of weight and interval training, balance, and barre work to strengthen and lengthen the body, elevate the heart rate, and achieve the Pilates mind-body connection.

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Kathleen Crandall

Kathleen Crandall first began teaching Pilates in 2006 after being certified through Sal Anthony’s Movement Salon in NYC.  She has training in Gyrotonic and is licensed in Massage therapy and also has a certification in nutritional wellness.  She works with athletes, clients aiming for rehabilitation and injury prevention as well as with clients who have goals of bettering their health and wellness lifestyle.   Kathleen is Enthusiastic to share her insights in health and wellness and she believes Pilates serves as an Excellent foundation to ones functional movements in life as well as ones graceful movements in life.  In addition to Pilates, Kathleen runs, swims, bikes around town and adores hiking!


Kathleen McCormick

A 23-year career as a flight attendant left Kathleen with chronic low back problems which were helped in part by therapy, treatment, and rehab, but which always returned...usually with a vengeance. She discovered the Gyrotonic Expansion System® in New York in the 90’s and found that it offered her a way to stay flexible and move freely.  After an early retirement from the airlines, she studied with renowned Master Trainer Sebastian Plettenberg in New York, attaining her certification in 2009.  Teaching Gyrotonic® allows Kathleen to combine her interest in fitness with her love of teaching and coaching. She feels strongly that the practice of Gyrotonic® has changed her body and her life, and is eager to help others achieve the same.

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Leighanne Swaverly

Leighanne completed her Pilates training with Michele Larsson of Core Dynamics Pilates in Santa Fe, New Mexico and is certified by the Pilates Method Alliance. She is also a certified instructor of the GYROTONIC® Expansion System.

Stephanie Samuels

Stephanie is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Licensed Aesthetician, Registered Yoga Teacher and Comprehensive Certified Peak Pilates Instructor with over 20 years experience in the Health and Wellness Industry. My experience includes everything from managing health club chains and Group Exercise Directorship to developing and leading innovative movement programs. My love for Anatomy and Physiology prompted me to pursue a career as a Massage therapist and Aesthetician. I believe that Massage and Skincare should accomplish two things. They should feel amazing and have therapeutic benefits. Stephanie Samuels, RYT Licensed Massage Therapist/Esthetician Certified Peak Pilates Instructor